AUDIOBOOKS: ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

I reluctantly watched the movie version at home (having no interest to see it in a theater). I was warned to turn my brain off to enjoy it as pure eye-candy. I knew about the book well before I saw the film, but very little beyond the basic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ premise. In the first few moments of the film version, my immediate criticism was not only how superficial the story was, but how every-single-person (and civilization itself) in this world, including all the heroes, are all fucked up.

I was told it is addressed in the book. So in “the age of the geek, baby”, I listened to the audiobook with my wife, as read by Wil Wheaton.

The book is FAR better than the movie. I enjoyed every moment of the story. Wheaton’s reading of the material and the language of it’s world was spot-on. I had a lot of fun following the story. The homage to geekdom and the 1980s birth of our current geek-culture brought back lots of goofy memories as well, and in their proper context within the story.

I will definitely check this book out again some time!

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