Working in 3D again…

For most of the past year, I was drawing someone else’s comic strip. The boss of the project was a real nightmare to work with. It kept me completely away from 3D projects.

I needed something simple to start building my chops back up. So this is the beginning of my ode to ‘Home Movies‘. Here is the start of Brendon Small.

‘Fanatical cruelty’: As pandemic rages, Trump refuses to reopen Affordable Care Act enrollment to help uninsured

As millions of people across the United States lose their jobs—and their employer-provided health insurance—amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has reportedly decided against reopening Affordable Care Act enrollment to ease the economic pain of the uninsured and help protect them from devastating medical costs.

‘The Nanny’ Original Cast to Reunite for Virtual Table Read

Nanny Fine, Maxwell Sheffield and the rest of the gang are getting back together on April 6 — but not in the way you might think.

“The Nanny” creator and star Fran Drescher teased on her Twitter page last week, in response to a fan who wanted to watch the popular ’90s sitcom online, that there was a “surprise” in the works.