‘The Boys’ is a great show at the worst time

The Boys benefits from a strong cast, what had to have been a large budget, and a tone that confidently bounces between horror and humor. “What if superheroes were bad?” isn’t exactly a new idea, but this is one of the best mainstream takes on the idea I’ve ever seen. 

So why does it feel so bad to watch the show?

The late Bill Paxton’s first movie finally sees the light of day — but not as intended

There’s no roadmap in filmmaking. The popular conception — that films are shot and edited basically according to the script — is something of a fallacy. Directors and editors might find that the story works better with assembling footage differently from how the writer assembled its words. Sometimes, the story changes entirely. Sometimes, you end up with Taking Tiger Mountain, the late Bill Paxton’s first-ever film, released this year for the first time on home video.

Maryse Conde: Guadeloupe author wins alternative Nobel Literature Prize

Maryse Conde, one of the Caribbean’s most renowned authors, has won an award created to replace this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature.

The prestigious literature prize was suspended this year after a scandal at the Swedish Academy, which awards it.

The Guadeloupian author, 81, said she was “very happy and proud” to win the alternative version