Forgotten Star Trek: The Shuttlecraft

Halfway through the first season of The Original Series, the Enterprise got a shuttlecraft and, eventually, a place to put it in.

The shuttle was not designed at the same time as the rest of the ship. The reason for that was simple — shuttlecraft do not get built until a storyline calls for one, because they are just too expensive. So Matt Jefferies was not asked to produce one of these small, short-ranged vessels until “The Galileo Seven” was written.

Filipino street foods you can revolutionize in 2019


Many years ago, a food cart concept named Mango-Ong became a hit in the malls.

It is basically green mango with bagoong (fermented fish).

When it was first launched, this simple delicacy had customers waiting in line.

You may be wondering at first why customers went crazy to get a taste of something that can be bought along the streets of Manila.

One thing that I noticed was that these businesses gave us a chance to try these street foods without worries in terms of cleanliness or sanitation.

If you observe closely, Mango-Ong’s inventory/ingredients are delivered using see-through air tight containers. and your orders are being served in a clean-looking packaging; not just in a usual plastic.

Your food cart concept not need to be a very complicated one in order to make it big.

In fact, there are many other street foods that are already existing inside malls…

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GEORGIA: Parents Kill and Bury Children In Backyard

A father and three other people have been arrested after authorities in Georgia discovered the bodies of his two missing children buried in his yard.

The bodies were identified as 14-year-old Mary Crocker, last seen in October, and her elder brother Elwyn Crocker Jr., who was also 14 when he went missing in November 2016.