Could Rump’s drug addictions have contributed to his sudden visit to Walter Reed?


About a year ago, comedians Noel Casler and Tom Arnold accused Donald Trump of abusing Adderall on the set of The Apprentice.This was reported by Daniel Moritz-Rabson in Newsweek, and followed up by discussion including a sober explanation by John Kruse in Medium of why Adderall might be an appropriate treatment for ADHD in Trump.

Adderall is a brain stimulant. In therapeutic doses its side effects can include increased blood pressure and heart rate, as well as trouble sleeping. Serious side effects of Adderall abuse include insomnia, mood swings, panic attacks, chest pain, sexual dysfunction, and even sudden cardiac death, according to a summary by the American Addiction Centers.

Chapter 743: Afternoon Hot Tea, Calpis Soda, Raw Tarako Onigiri, Calbee Pizza Potato Chips, Tropical Fruit Jelly, Japanese Snacks

The Flying Tofu

Actually one of my favourite vending machines / convenient shop bottle hot tea drinks! It’s very creamy, smooth and milky, not too sweet and just the way I like it.

You just can’t really go wrong with Calpis, it’s a flavor I have always loved. The only thing is after drinking Calpis I tend to become more thirsty after. Although I like the original, soda versions are always yummy.

Raw Tarako Onigiri, I like Salmon Roe more but Cod roe is also very tasty. A bit more on the salty side, but good flavor.

When I’m travelling around in Japan I always have at least 1 onigiri in my bag in case of an emergency. I love trying new flavors…

Pizza potato chips!!

It makes a good snack and taste just like pizza.

I loved this!!

Tropical flavoured jelly with fruity chunks.

Very fruity and mildly sweet. Thumbs up to…

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