Brother John – 1971

This is an excellent low-budget film. Nothing is what it seems. At first the story appears to be a race/class “message film” of the time. But the scope of the story is far greater than it seems, while including themes of the struggle of oppressed people and the sexes.

Starring and produced by Sidney Poitier ( Happy 93rd birthday, “Sir”! )

Also starring: Beverly Todd, Will Geer, Bradford Dillman, and Paul Winfield


John Kane (Sidney Poitier) always seems to know when there will be a death in his family, despite not being in touch with them, and returns to his hometown. He has come home again, to be at his sister’s deathbed and funeral. There is a strike in the town, and the police think he is a labor agitator. His well-used passport and unusual book collection only fuel their suspicions. But the town’s doctor has always noticed that John is different…

3rd Blog Anniversary + An Interview

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films

Just discovered that today marks three years since I started blogging. The time has flown by. I cannot tell you how much you guys all mean to me. Thanks so much for your encouragement, friendship, comments, likes and support. ❤

Photo1939 Deborah heard it was my anniversary and brought flowers. 😁 Screenshot by me.

This year I haven’t been as active on here as I have been before. This is due to my health. I suffer from M.E. and have had it since my teens. To call this illness awful would be an understatement. It is debilitating.

In the last few years the symptoms have gotten much worse and the last two years have been particularly bad. I don’t have the strength to do much a lot of the time now. This is something that upsets and frustrates me greatly, but I try and make myself post something when I feel…

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