How we made ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’

“EMI was going to finance the film, but got cold feet. It was a mortal blow, because we were already in pre-production. So Eric went to Hollywood and pitched it to George Harrison, who had been a huge Python fan since the first TV programme. He pawned his house and arranged a loan of $5m. When he was asked why, he just said: “Because I want to see it.” Not many people pay $5m for an admission ticket.

Revisiting the Sensual, Highbrow Advice of ‘The Joy of Sex’

Written in 1972, The Joy of Sex was meant to be seen as a back-to-basics style cookbook for a generation that might have been too old for—or scared of—the sexual revolution’s unbridled, derelict hedonism. Comfort’s aim in writing this guidebook to intimacy was to show that sex is not shameful. In order to elevate sex from the rutting, sweaty, dirty mess that it is, his approach was to go highbrow.