“BEWITCHED” was a traditional show disguised in feminist clothing

In this mini-series, we look again at media we have loved to consider how it depicted gender. How does it look to a person with a 2019 perspective on gender roles and norms? Warning: Contains spoilers.

When did it air? 1964-1972

How does it hold up? Not well

‘Bewitched’ Theme Song – Lyrics

by Jack Keller and Howard Greenfield

Bewitched, bewitched, you’ve got me in your spell.

Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well.

Before I knew what you were doing, I looked in your eyes.

That brand of woo that you’ve been brewin’

Took me by surprise.

You witch, you witch! One thing that’s for sure,

That stuff you pitch, just hasn’t got a cure. 

My heart was under lock and key, but somehow it got unhitched. 

I never thought my heart could be had.

But now I’m caught and I’m kind of glad

To be bewitched.