Six-Year-Old Moira is One of the Sickest People in America. So Why is North Carolina Trying to Gut Her Health Care?

Moira is one of about 400,000 “medically complex” American children—kids who have serious health issues but who, thanks to modern technology, can survive past infancy and even lead long, fulfilling lives. Yet the US health care system is increasingly failing children like her. Even the best private health insurance doesn’t begin to cover all their care, which can cost an estimated $140,000 per child per year. 

French Resistance hero who saved hundreds of Jewish children dies aged 108

Georges Loinger used all his skill and cunning – and a large dash of chutzpah – to rescue Jewish children from deportation and near-certain death during the second world war.

The French Resistance hero, who has died at the age of 108, would set up ball games for children along the Swiss border in France. Having trained the children to run like the wind, he would throw the ball over the border and tell them to chase after it and then keep running.

GEORGIA: Parents Kill and Bury Children In Backyard

A father and three other people have been arrested after authorities in Georgia discovered the bodies of his two missing children buried in his yard.

The bodies were identified as 14-year-old Mary Crocker, last seen in October, and her elder brother Elwyn Crocker Jr., who was also 14 when he went missing in November 2016.