Fred Willard Collaborator Jennifer Coolidge Remembers Late ‘Comic Genius’

Jennifer Coolidge, who appeared opposite Fred Willard in the revered mockumentary films Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, remembers the late actor as a “comic genius” with a rare gift for improvisation and extreme commitment to his craft. “He had such an innate sense of what funny was, and he was so in tune he could just blindside you,” 

The one thing all Trump impersonators miss…

Trump impersonators get the stupidity, narcism, racism and cruelty down. But listen to the real source. The comedians never deliver that crusty/oily, lying evil voice-in-one-ear, that the real Trump uses, and his followers seem oblivious to. It’s fucking creepy.

He’s always done it. That delivery is one of his biggest tells, when he lies.

‘Galavant’ was the decade’s most underrated show that no one watched

On the surface, it’s a generic send-off of the fantasy genre that plays like a watered down version of The Princess Bride (with a little less heart and a little more snark). But Galavant has a trick up its sleeve — it’s also a musical.

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