Netflix won’t work on these devices after December 1

Last month, Netflix began notifying users that some older devices would no longer be supported by the platform starting on December 1 due to ‘technical limitations.’ The advisory didn’t include any specific models, however. Roku had acknowledged that its first two devices would lose support, but no other details beyond that were available. Now we finally know more.

SPACE: 1999

Watching ‘Space: 1999’ while I work. Interesting, seeing it without 1970s TV transmission shadows and low-resolution TV of the time. Since it was shot on film and not 1970s video-tape, the images are crystal clear.

Many of the special effects leads were pulled away to work on the first two ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Alien‘ films. The show was actually in production long before ‘Star Wars’, but didn’t air until around the time of the movie. Originally, the concept of ‘Space: 1999’ was a direct third-season shake-up of ‘UFO’, but that show was abruptly cancelled.

Droopy Lilac Bush

Because the leaves haven’t fallen off the bush yet, the sudden and early landing of snow pushed this gigantic bush down. Two days ago, the very first slushy snow had it touching the ground.

Looks like it will be a very messy winter here in the Midwest. We’re not even getting a proper Autumn, it seems. We just skipped pretty much, from Summer to Winter a few weeks ago