More than just a number: what ‘The Prisoner’ can teach us about life in lockdown

I’m not a number, I am a free man!” It’s a line that would, right now, only be spouted by idiots who may still be frolicking in parks or on beaches, as they wilfully flout the distancing rules because it doesn’t allow them the satisfaction of a proper high-five. But in the late-60s, the phrase was shouted on a weekly basis on television by a man running for his life from a huge gelatinous white ball on a sandy estuary beach in Wales, while sporting a rather natty jacket with piped lapels.

He was ‘The Prisoner’ (as played by Patrick McGoohan), and now that we are all prisoners, surely there are some lessons we can glean from No 6’s time as a grudging guest of The Village?

The Original ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ Is Being Turned Into an Audio Drama

There are many missing Doctor Who stories—and some have even found new life getting remakes as audio dramas or even animated episodes. But Big Finish’s latest adventure for Tom Baker’s Doctor is a peculiar one: It’s an unseen version of a story we actually got.

But it’s actually radically different to the story that was originally pitched by Gerry Davis, the co-creator of the Cybermen, as “Return of the Cybermen.”

IRELAND: ‘Derry Girls’ blackboard moves to Ulster Museum

Protestants have horses and keep toasters in cupboards, while Catholics love statues and keep coal in the bath. Don’t they?

The jokes and observations about Northern Irish identity that fuel the Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls moved to the Ulster Museum in Belfast on Friday as part of an exhibition on cultural stereotypes.