‘Fanatical cruelty’: As pandemic rages, Trump refuses to reopen Affordable Care Act enrollment to help uninsured

As millions of people across the United States lose their jobs—and their employer-provided health insurance—amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has reportedly decided against reopening Affordable Care Act enrollment to ease the economic pain of the uninsured and help protect them from devastating medical costs.

How Trump Is Going to Get Away With a Pandemic

Governments have a long history of cooking the data to hide the extent of outbreaks. NYC did it during a cholera outbreak in 1832, Italy did it during a cholera outbreak in 1911. Here’s how Trump is doing it now.

There are lots of ways for the Trump administration to cook the data to hide the extent of the coronavirus outbreak—in fact, it already is doing so.

Trump moves to take away land from Mashpee tribe

The tribal chairman said the announcement came “on the very day that the United States has reached a record 100,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.”

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe vowed Friday to fight for its land after the Trump administration announced its reservation would be “disestablished” and its land trust status removed.

Trump ordered VP not to call governors who don’t ingratiate themselves: ‘I want them to be appreciative’

Donald Trump metaphorically demanded governors to kiss his ring if they want COVID-19 support during a Friday evening Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

“I want them to be appreciative,” Trump said, when asked what he wanted from Democratic Party governors.