Waves at people noticing me…

Hiya! I’ve been busy working on artwork. I’ve been so used the way the Tumblr interface/dashboard works, I had no idea how to see this or that.

Like a moron, I just noticed the little alert bell on the right-hand side and clicked on it.


Thanks for the likes. After I get caught up on my comic-strip job this weekend, I’ll learn how to keep better attention and follow more blogs and reblog interesting and fun things I find from all of you!


Hello, World.


I’m part of the mass Tumblr Exodus. Please mind my learning WordPress. I’ll play with the free customizations until I get a look I like. The free themes have limited customizations, of course. But I’ll find something that’s easy to navigate and read.

For me, starting a new blog is always slow, at first. Then it tends to become very quick and easy, while I plod through my work-day.