Boris Johnson faces third legal battle over prorogation

Boris Johnson is facing a third legal case to try to block the suspension of parliament after the high court in Belfast held an urgent hearing for an injunction against the prime minister.

The case follows similar legal battles launched in Scotland and England by the SNP justice spokeswoman, Joanna Cherry, and the campaigner Gina Miller.

WALES: Sexual activity-detecting toilets to spray users with water jets

A Welsh seaside town aims to put people off having sex in its new public toilets by including features to disturb those in the act. 

Porthcawl’s anti-sex toilets would spray occupants with water and sound an alarm.

Caroline Lucas proposes all-female ’emergency cabinet’ to stop no-deal Brexit and push for second referendum

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has proposed a cross-party all-female “emergency cabinet” to block a no-deal Brexit and push for a second referendum.

The extraordinary plan would see the formation of a government of national unity following a Commons vote of no-confidence in prime minister Boris Johnson.