‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ takes its audience down memory lane – with an eye on the future

Joel Hodgson is donning the red jumpsuit for the last time.

Hodgson, 59, is bringing his red jumpsuit on the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour – a live version of the MST3K format familiar to fans: making fun of bad movies – on a tour throughout the U.S.

FYI, ‘Fallout 76’ Players – The REAL White Springs Bunker

In the late 1950s the U.S. government built a bunker under the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., to “permit the continuation of the American form of constitutional government in the event of nuclear war.” The underground facility could house 535 members of Congress and 565 staff members, with separate chambers for the House and Senate and a hall large enough to hold joint sessions.

No one involved in the construction was told what they were building, but it was clear enough.

It took federal troops to help desegregate Little Rock schools 62 years ago. Some fear a new state plan will resegregate them

Activists and civil rights groups in Arkansas are protesting a state plan that they say would lead to the resegregation of public schools in the capital city of Little Rock, 62 years after the Little Rock Nine integrated the district.